Beta-Alanine – Sustained Release CarnosSyn® Tablets, 1,600mg, 60 Servings

Beta-Alanine - Sustained Release CarnosSyn® Tablets, 1,600mg, 60 Servings

Beta-Alanine - Sustained Release CarnosSyn® Tablets, 1,600mg, 60 Servings Rating:
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Kaged Muscle SR CarnoSyn is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the science of delivering muscle performance. Scientists have known for years that beta-alanine provides athletes with performance enhancement, however, SR CarnoSyn has taken things to the next level. SR CarnoSyn delivers a sustained release of beta-alanine into the body for hours. As a result, that means you get beta-alanine transported into muscle cells to produce carnosine with sustained supply in your bloodstream, which stays in your body longer compared to instant release beta-alanine, without reaching the typical paresthesia-sensation (itchy, tingly skin feeling).

Until now, if you wanted to take a scientifically proven efficacious dose of beta-alanine, you'd have to take multiple small doses of CarnoSyn beta-alanine several times throughout the day to avoid experiencing the uncomfortable paresthesia-sensation threshold. Kaged Muscle SR CarnoSyn was uniquely formulated to deliver a next generation beta-alanine more comfortably in a single dose. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that average supplementation of beta-alanine, with a total loading of 179g (6.4g/day over 4 weeks), provide significant performance attributes.* The problem is, taking this amount of beta-alanine in a single daily dose can be highly uncomfortable due to the paresthesia sensation, meaning you would either have to spend extra time splitting up your doses throughout the day or consume less and take significantly more time to see the benefits.

With SR CarnoSyn you get the performance enhancement benefits in a shorter amount of time and minimize excessive itchiness and tingles so you can stay focused on dominating the competition and crushing your goals!


  • 1600 mg Beta-Alanine (as SR CarnoSyn) per serving
  • Sustained release beta-alanine
  • Improves athletic performance*
  • Enhanced muscle concentration of carnosine*
  • 100% Vegan tablets

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