The Monterey Diet™–Seven Steps Worth Taking

The Monterey Diet™–Seven Steps Worth Taking

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The Monterey Diet™ is not really a diet at all, but more accurately a diet lifestyle consisting of seven steps anyone can use to fine-tune their dietary lifestyle. Some people can accomplish this adjustment in only seven weeks. If you like the results, you will stick with it; if not, you will go back to your old ways. Either way ,the choice is yours as long as you understand how weight loss works.

Once you discover the role food plays on shaping your body, then you can do something permanent about your weight. While the battle of the bulge is always a lifetime task, once you discover why you lose weight, then you can turn the tide and win. For everlasting weight loss, you have to know what to do to keep those extra pounds off.

The Monterey Diet™ provides the guidelines and tools to help you stay in charge of your desire for food. As soon as you discover which foods trigger your hunger, I will help you develop a plan to adjust your eating habits. Essentially, you may eat more often, but at a slower rate. To help you achieve such a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to live here. The focus of the Monterey diet is on highly nutritious plants, which are the foundation of any beneficial diet. This comprises the fun part of the Monterey dining experience.

After you have read through this book, you will finally understand how your brain affects your eating pattern. You will discover how your appetite can make you eat when you’re not even hungry. You will learn to reverse that unhealthy pattern. Incorporating the seven guidelines of the Monterey Diet empowers you to alter your tendency to overeat.


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