Seven Minerals Anti-hair Loss Magnesium Spray for Men and Women, 4 Oz

Seven Minerals Anti-hair Loss Magnesium Spray for Men and Women, 4 Oz

Seven Minerals Anti-hair Loss Magnesium Spray for Men and Women, 4 Oz Rating:
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We have THREE phases to hair growth. Active, Transitional And Resting phase. Each of these stages has it's own purpose and duration. At the end of the Resting phase, the hair is shed and a new one grows!

BUT sometimes those cycles get interrupted by inflammation and blockages in the hair follicle. Some of the causes might be:

✓ dead skin cells
✓ dandruff
✓ calcium deposits
✓ restricted blood flow
✓ damage from hair styling


Many hair loss shampoos and treatments only add false thickness, while adding residues and follicle blockages to scalp. Hair supplements can't clear away surface calcium deposits and they're unable to penetrate an inflamed follicle thanks to restricted blood flow.

Transdermal Magnesium - nourishes the roots AND helps unblock the follicles at the same time! It's like a detox for your scalp!


✓ Soothes Inflammation
✓ Unblocks follicles
✓ Boosts hair nutrition
✓ Wakes up dormant hair cycles
✓ Gives back healthy hair growth

Not ONLY Magnesium. You're getting a super-saturated solution of Mg Chloride, Organic Aloe Vera + Organic Essential Oils specific to boosting natural hair growth!

✓ Aloe Vera soothes an inflamed scalp, and clears dead skin and dandruff.
✓ Oils of Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender & Cedarwood boost hair nutrition
✓ Pure Magnesium Oil clears calcium deposits to unblock follicles.

So if you're still looking for that natural, thicker head of hair... try 'ANTI-HAIR LOSS' Magnesium Spray from Seven Minerals. Give it 90-Days (respect the hair growth cycle) And after that, if you're not satisfied - return for a full refund. Head over and Add to Cart.


  • NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: No sulphates, parabens or toxic chemicals. Just scalp food. The combination of Pure Magnesium + Organic Aloe Vera + Essential Oils is all you need to start unblocking and feeding the roots. So you can boost natural the hair growth cycle
  • IT WORKS: Our hair follicles can get blocked with things like calcium deposits, dandruff, dead skin. And they get inflamed. A magnesium treatment like this, helps to unblock the follicles, and nourish the scalp. This is a a unique, all natural formula that works!
  • 100% NATURAL WITH ORGANICS: Made in the USA, with ionic Magnesium from 250million year old Permien Seabeds. USP Grade, No Animal Testing. Natural ingredients soothe the scalp, reduce inflammation and unblock hair follicles.
  • GUARANTEE: Allow 90 Days for the follicles to "wake up" and start producing new hair growth. And if by some chance, you're not happy, please return for a full refund.
  • HAIR FOLLICLE DETOX: This is no hair growth solution that just adds thickness to your existing hair - this is an all natural, chemical free makeover for your scalp. Buy Now.
  • CAUTION : No one with kidney failure should use any Magnesium products. If you are on dialysis or if your doctor has issued the warnings against supplements of any kind, then magnesium oil should not be used; If you have low heart rates, please consult your doctor before use as magnesium relaxes your body; Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, freshly shaved areas and cuts. If you have kidney failure or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. If irritation, redness or discomfort occurs, discontinue use

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