Scar Esthetique Cream Advanced Scar Therapy 10g : 1 Tube

Scar Esthetique Cream Advanced Scar Therapy 10g : 1 Tube

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Scar Esthetique modern advances in skin care for scars. It is effective on treating surgical, hypertrophic, keloid, traumatic scars and burns. Scar treatment products can be placed into three categories. First, a combination of anti-oxidants and ingredients that effect the skin at the cellular level. Second, some of these products add cortisone and Vitamin E for scar reduction, Third, are the products with Onion Extract. Scar Esthetique is the only product in the market to add all three types of scar treatment into one product. Doctors recommend using the Scar Fx medical grade silicone sheeting inconjunction with Scar Esthetique for the most effective scar treatment care. Active ingredients: VitaminA : is probably the most important vitamin for the appearance ofthe skin. Vitamin A is essential for normal growth, regulation of metabolism,cell structure and healthy skin. Coenzyme Q-10 : has been the subjectof important research for the past 30 years. This nutrient plays a role in thebody's production of adenosine triphosphate, the basic energy component of thecell. Vitamin E : is one of the mostimportant vitamins needed by the body. It has been shown to supply oxygen to theheart and all other muscles while promoting healthy skin and hair.A veryuseful vitamin for scar reduction. Pycnogenol : Pycnogenol is a unique and powerful natural plant extract made fromthe bark of the European coastal pine, pinus maritama Pycnogenol also Inhibits swelling (edema) and inflammation. Improvesskin health by reducing damage, increasing nutrient supply and improvingelasticity. Glucosamine : is believed to help people rebuild damaged joints, tendons, cartilage and soft tissue. Vitamin C : is an important antioxidant that helps neutralize harmful free-radicals in cells. It also plays a key role in the body including theformation of collagen, hormones amino acid metabolism and iron absorption. Directions: Apply Scar Esthetique 3-4 times daily over your scar.


  • Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packagin
  • Treatment:Dry Skin, Men's Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin
  • Application Area:Body, Face, Feet, Hands, Neck
  • Best selling in thailand
  • Quantity: 1 tube in box 10g.

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