Slap Nutrition 8-Bit BCAA – 30 Servings (Salted Caramel)

Slap Nutrition 8-Bit BCAA - 30 Servings (Salted Caramel)

Slap Nutrition 8-Bit BCAA - 30 Servings (Salted Caramel) Rating:
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SLAP Nutrition Salted Caramel BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) powder is the best natural and organic amino acid powder ton the market to help you get amped and set new workout goals. Contains 5 grams of aminos. Get ready to go beast mode with the ultimate post recovery workout! Enjoy the great taste of the natural Salted Caramel. Workout like you are that pimply 18 year-old kid again where you never ran out of energy AND you loved those little caramel squares. Each canister of this workout supplement for men has powerful ingredients you just don't get with the other guys and a full 30 servings. With no artificial sweeteners this baby is NATURALLY SWEETENED. No Salted Caramel powder with artificial sweeteners and fillers. Stevia ONLY so you can bro down with a recovery powder strong enough for men but also enjoyed by women. Slap Nutrition is a leading workout supplement manufacturer leading the natural flavor line that still packs a wallop! We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products to help you achieve the ultimate workouts (both men's workout supplements and pre workout supplements for women) and set new performance levels.


  • SLAP 8-bit BCAAs: Don't get down because of post workout recovery. Use the best BCAAs complex with glutamine to supercharge your recovery and BEASTMODE through your workouts!
  • GREAT TASTE: Our salted caramel will take you on a trip back to your youth, when caramel squares were a big part of your game. Now you've stepped your game up... and you have this delicious BCAA powder for women and men to help you power through.
  • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: Each canister of Amino acids BCAA powder contains 30 servings. Each serving contains 5 grams of properly formulated aminos.
  • NATURALLY SWEETENED: We don't load our BCAA energy with artificial sweeteners and fillers. We sweeten it with stevia so you can bro down with recovery town.

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