Brain Games Kids: Preschool

Brain Games Kids: Preschool

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Brain Games for Preschool Kids contains 301 early-learning activities for preschoolers. Colorful illustrations and photography help present the material in a fun and engaging way. Each left-hand page contains one to four questions; each right-hand page supplies answers. The question-and-answer format is complemented by spiral binding that makes it easy to fold the book in half to hide the answers.

The activities address language arts, math, science, social sciences, physical and emotional development, fine arts, and foreign language. Topics include recognizing letters and numbers, phonics, matching, counting, rhyming, colors, and identifying similarities and differences. Categories are scattered throughout the book, and questions progress from easy to hard for a graduated learning experience. Sample activities include:
Which letter comes next?
Which two pictures rhyme?
Which object will stick to a magnet?
Which plant is the youngest?
Which one of these is not an insect?
What season is it in this picture?
Which one means good-bye in Spanish?

A certificate at the end of the book allows preschoolers to celebrate their success. The flexible coated cover and sturdy spiral binding of Brain Games for Preschool Kids stand up to rough handling.


  • 301 questions that help prepare a child for preschool.
  • Answers provided for all questions.
  • Spiral-bound, lies flat for easy use.

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