LtrottedJ Women Sexy Beauty Shimmer Liquid Brighten Highlighter Oil Concealer Makeup Cosmetic (A)

LtrottedJ Women Sexy Beauty Shimmer Liquid Brighten Highlighter Oil Concealer Makeup Cosmetic (A)

LtrottedJ Women Sexy Beauty Shimmer Liquid Brighten Highlighter Oil Concealer Makeup Cosmetic (A) Rating:
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Product Description

Women Sexy Beauty Shimmer Liquid Brighten Highlighter Oil Concealer Makeup Cosmetic
Type: Bronzer & Highlighter
Benefit: Brighten,Easy to Wear,Long-lasting
Size: Full Size
Formulation: Liquid
Ingredient: Liquid Highlighter
Color : 4 color
It is a glistening moisturizer and vitamin packed serum.
Perfect for use on bare skin and adds an illuminating effect to your foundation. Not only does our formula add extra glow to your skin.
It is packed with skin loving oils.
Shake before use for best application.
Package Content:
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