Kegenix Real Ketones Prime Exogenous Ketones Supplement, Lemon Twist, 14 Day Supply

Kegenix Real Ketones Prime Exogenous Ketones Supplement, Lemon Twist, 14 Day Supply

Kegenix Real Ketones Prime Exogenous Ketones Supplement, Lemon Twist, 14 Day Supply Rating:
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With millions of servings under our belt, we know this multi-patented, proprietary, combination works and customers have been enjoying the benefits of our ketone technology for years. The only thing you have to lose is weight, poor sleep, brain fog, hunger, cravings, and free radicals. Whether you're a man or a woman you will experience amazing energy that is driven by the body's most powerful and essential fuel source. Ketones are the most preferred fuel your body produces. They give you energy, improve performance, rebuild your body and mind, and help you look and feel your best. Ketones are produced when your body burns fat, whether that fat comes from your stored fat (greatest way to lose weight) or the fat you eat. Most people don't know that ketones have 225% more energy than carbs, are clean burning in your cells (less free radicals to damage cells) and have been scientifically shown to provide superior benefits like increased mental clarity, appetite and craving suppression, sleep improvement, reduced inflammation, to name a few, that you just don't get from burning glucose. To top it off, it's allergen free with zero egg, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, wheat or gluten, and it's 100% non-GMO. Get a bottle today and start your journey to a better life.


  • FUELS YOUR BODY: Our powerful ketone drink formula complex is the best-tasting BHB MCT salts supplement on the market and provides the ketones you need to help burn fat, suppress hunger, and control those terrible sugar and carb cravings; it enhances your body's energy and natural fat-burning ability to help you lose weight, improve mental clarity, increase energy, and help you feel and look better
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Instead of taking a pre-workout drink, a post workout drink, a weight loss product, a fat loss product, an energy drink, a meal replacement product, and supplements or vitamins for your brain health, you can now achieve all of this with Kegenix Prime complex; it can also be used as a "power tool" to easily start and maintain a ketogenic, paleo lifestyle
  • NATURAL STIMULANT: Prime mimics the body's natural ketogenic process; it delivers a special combination blend of ketones to both elevate and sustain ketone levels so you get all the benefits of ketones; supplies an enhanced metabolic rate for increased fat burn without burning protein so you maintain your critical muscle mass
  • PRODUCES KETONES: This formula supplies your body with already-created bio-identical ketones and can additionally help your body produce its own ketones; with Kegenix Prime, or with a diet, you put your body into a natural metabolic state called ketosis, which simply means your body is now using ketones (fat) rather than glucose (sugar/carbs) for its primary fuel
  • MAXIMIZES BRAIN FUNCTION: Ketones have been scientifically shown to enhance brain function, improve sleep, and increase energy all without causing jitters or nausea that come from other "stimulant" only products; they provide the missing energy you need to perform your best while also preserving your muscle

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