Synergy One – HGH Booster, Maximum Strength Anti-Aging Oral Liquid Spray to Support Joint Health & The Entire Body for Men & Women

Synergy One - HGH Booster, Maximum Strength Anti-Aging Oral Liquid Spray to Support Joint Health & The Entire Body for Men & Women

Synergy One - HGH Booster, Maximum Strength Anti-Aging Oral Liquid Spray to Support Joint Health & The Entire Body for Men & Women Rating:
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The following benefits have been reported: improved mood, memory, energy, strength, and vision; renewed reproductive powers; alleviation of joint and back pains; deeper sleep; loss of body fat; diminished wrinkles; reduced cravings for sweets and diminished appetite; enhancement in thyroid, adrenal, pineal, pituitary, reproductive organs, liver, kidney, and brain functions; and the reversal of grey hair. Results may vary, but these have been commonly reported benefits collected over a 10-year period from hundreds of satisfied users. For best results, take Synergy One on an empty stomach 45 minutes before or 3 hours after meals. Use once in the morning and again at bedtime. Dosage: Pump 3 to 5 sprays into the cheek area of your mouth, or under the tongue. Hold the liquid in your mouth for 90 to 120 seconds before swallowing. A small percentage of people with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), diabetes, or an amino acid deficiency may not achieve noticeable results. High blood sugar levels completely cancel the benefits. The same has been observed in vegans and vegetarians. Without enough circulating amino acids in the blood, the ability to repair or create new proteins is greatly diminished. Other supplements sell watermelon, lemonade, and coconut flavored powders to appeal to the tastebuds, but in turn, they sacrifice benefits. Synergy One keeps it simple and pure as silk. With us, the sky's the limit. Try it now!


  • PERFECT BALANCE: We are different from other dietary, organic, liposomal, antioxidant, glutathione, anabolic, nano, testosterone, estrogen, height, magnesium, neural, moisturizer, anti-anxiety, platinum, weight loss, bulking, lean muscle, alpha, bodybuilding, 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric, 2-amino-5-pentanoic, immunocal, and all forms of complex health systems. We focus on optimum support for cells.
  • SUPER EASY INGESTION: No powder, oils, capsules, steroids, pills, patches, drops, lotions, gummies, or face masks. Synergy One comes in a 1-ounce spray bottle with 30 ml of solution. There are approximately 192 sprays per bottle. Each spray delivers 833 ng of a proprietary growth factor. This product provides a one month's supply at 6 sprays per day.
  • EXTENDED CELL YOUTHFULNESS: After age 28, the production of growth chemicals in the human body begins to decline. Correct supplementation can raise these levels and make a big difference in the quality of your life. Synergy One supports organ and glandular health. As your cells regenerate, they free your body from toxins. This essential cell therapy keeps your body pure.
  • OPTIMAL AMINO SUPPORT BLEND: Synergy One supplies a proprietary growth factor that supports the uptake of amino acids into the cells. The mix is made up of naturally occurring proteins found in the body that promote the generation of growth factors. It's completely legal and approved for sale.
  • NATURAL PROTEIN NUTRITION: Growth factors are produced by many tissues in your body and are also found in plant and animal sources. These growth factors signal cells to absorb amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The rate at which your cells absorb amino acids determines the rate at which new proteins are made and, in turn, determine the health of your cells.

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