Stay-Well Pets Liquid CoQ10 For Pets, 30 ml

Stay-Well Pets Liquid CoQ10 For Pets, 30 ml

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As an animal ages, it's ability to synthesize CoQ10 naturally diminishes. CoQ10 is concentrated in the heart but it is necessary for normal cell function and energy production everywhere in the body. In order to restore healthy cell function and maintain a strong heart, supplementation becomes absolutely vital. Why Liquid Liposomal CoQ10 for Pets? Liquid Liposomal CoQ10 for pets is one of the most advanced CoQ10 products available anywhere on the planet. Liposomes are nano particles that encapsulate the CoQ10 molecule and usher it through your pets gastric system. This is the key to a pet supplement that reaches the bloodstream because your pets gastric system is very difficult to bypass without nutrient destruction taking place. This means that most CoQ10 supplements do not get absorbed while liposomal CoQ10 is clinically proven to have almost 100% absorption most CoQ10 distributors don't want you to know this fact because they have no problem selling you an inferior product. We think that is not only disingenuous it is cruel because when properly absorbed CoQ10 can be a miracle worker for a pet suffering from heart disease, gum disease, poor immune function and basically every malady associated with low intrinsic energy production. Plus it's liquid. You will not have to wrestle with your pet to swallow a large pill. Liquid CoQ10 comes with a dropper for precise dose measurement and you can just add a few drops to your pets food or water and sit back as they lap it up with ease.


  • Bio-enhanced Clinically Proven Liposomal Coenzyme Q10
  • Eight times higher absorption than standard CoQ10
  • Includes a dropper for easy, accurate dose measurement
  • Manufactured under strict cGMP standards in USA - Not tested on animals
  • See Details Below - *Updated Dosage Suggestions as per consultation with Veterinary Professional

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