Designer Protein Protein, Purely Unflavored, 2-Pound

Designer Protein Protein, Purely Unflavored, 2-Pound

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Product Description

Designer Protein is a leader in high quality nutrition products designed for fitness, weight management & overall wellness. Our range includes whey & plant-based proteins, and superfoods to support a healthy lifestyle.


  • Natural 100% Whey-Based Protein for a lean & toned body. Certified Gluten-Free & Certified Kosher w/ no added sugar, soy, MSG or artificial ingredients. Naturally flavored & sweetened. With wholesome rBGH-free whey (no artificial growth hormones).
  • With Acti-Blend: helps your protein work harder with a combination of b-vitamins, amino acids, and protease. An excellent source of b-vitamins which help convert protein into usable energy.
  • A unique blend of additional amino acids that work in conjunction w/ branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in Designer Whey's 18g of protein. With Protease, a natural, vegan-based digestive enzyme that supports the body's protein digestion & absorption.
  • Designer Whey is a recipient of the Chef's Best Award for taste excellence. Proudly created in San Diego and made in the USA. Designer Whey is the protein of choice of 3x Olympic Gold Medalist and mother, Kerri Walsh Jennings.
  • For use in shakes, smoothies, and in baked goods such as protein pancakes. Only 100 calories per serving. Easily digested by even the most sensitive stomachs. 97% lactose-free.
  • B vitamins to help convert protein into useable energy
  • 18g of whey protein to jump-start the results of your workout