RevLabs MuscleRev Xtreme 60 ct

RevLabs MuscleRev Xtreme 60 ct

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MuscleRev xtreme - the power of deep, cellular energy, harnessed in a bottle. This groundbreaking, pre-workout amplifier works at the very source of metabolic ignition. No superficial stimulation. No jitters. No crash. Just high-performance ingredients that target the body's core reactors of training intensity. High intensity training demands high intensity metabolic activation. The very core reactors of your body's cellular energy producing mechanisms must be engaged. Only then can you realize your true workout capacity. Enter, MuscleRev xtreme, a ground-breaking, stimulant-free, pre-workout amplifier. Imagine what you could achieve with an increase in strength and power. Consider the performance implications of a boost in stamina and endurance. Envision your athletic potential with the ability to maximize lasting results lasting results. These are the attributes of MuscleRev xtreme - the power of deep, cellular energy production, harnessed in a bottle. This all natural, metabolic activator, fuels the critical reactions that drive results nitric oxide (no) amplification, ATP energy, and muscle protein synthesis. First, no production is engaged on three fronts to optimize muscle-pumping, oxygen-delivering blood flow. Scientifically validated, revolutionary beet root nitrates, plus lovage powder and l-citrulline, engage and fuel no production. Then, l-norvalline helps prolong the effect by countering the enzyme that limits no production. As you feel the surge of muscle-pumping vasodilation, your energy and intensity are thrust into overdrive with coenzyme q-10. Coq10 fuels the very core of cellular energy to help feed ATP production - the high-powered currency of pure muscle performance. Muscle rev xtreme is an unrivaled breed of training amplifiers - it is the most advanced, most effective, non-caffeinated, pre-workout igniter on the market today. Join the revolution.


  • Increase strength and power
  • Plateau shattering muscle pumps
  • Fuels extended workouts