Dose Locker Special 3 for $12.00

Dose Locker Special 3 for $12.00

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Product Description

The Dose Locker is a revolutionary 2-in-1 storage container and funnel combo for powder drink mixes and supplements. It gives you the ability to store a single serving of any powder drink mix or supplement you choose and at the same time acts as a funnel, providing you with a mechanism to easily pour your drink mix into a water bottle, making it convenient to take your supplements both at home and on the go. Holds about 50g of powder, depending on consistency.


  • Brings ease and convenience to the struggle of taking supplements when away from home and trying to pour them into a water bottle.
  • Eliminates spilling and wastage of supplements, saving you money.
  • Ability to take any supplement on the go, not only select brands that come in disposable single serving packets.
  • Environmentally friendly, durable, and reusable. Made in the USA.
  • Easy to carry in a gym bag, backpack, work case, or purse.