Deltropin 100-helps support burning fat

Deltropin 100-helps support burning fat

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It is the 1st supplement that .. Taken half an hour before consumption of rice resulted in a significantly and profoundly lowered blood glucose over a period of one hour. Researchers involved in the study discovered that Deltropin 100 inhibits the so-called sodium-glucose symport, also known as sodium-glucose co-transporter (SGLT). In turn, the extract in Deltropin decreases the absorption of dietary refined sugars, such as sucrose and even pure glucose. Such an effect on lowering absorption of refined sugars has not been previously found for any other dietary supplement and is patented. Deltropin is NOT like all other weight loss supplements. NO DMAA NO Guarana NO Caffeine NO ephedra NO Aspirin NO hot pepper NO stimulants NO pharmacueticals NO gimmicks NO junk NO Banned Substances NO 1,3-Dimethylamylamine


  • helps support burning fat
  • fight the #1 enemy in fat loss
  • helps support decrease fat storage
  • A natural supplement helps annihilate free radicals.
  • Deltropin 100 is made up of a substance called delphinidin (more info in product description).