2 Half Gallon Jars of 100% Liquid Egg Whites

2 Half Gallon Jars of 100% Liquid Egg Whites

2 Half Gallon Jars of 100% Liquid Egg Whites Rating:
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It does not matter if you're looking to pack on some muscle or shred body fat, liquid egg white jars are the perfect all natural protein supplement. They are a, healthy wholefood that is great for shakes, cooking and baking. They are also the most bio-available protein source found in nature. Today's protein shakes are filled with chemically separated protein and jacked full of artificial flavors, our egg whites on the other hand have been the staple of bodybuilding and fitness greats for over a half century. Whey protein powders provide protein to muscle for 3 hours after consumption, liquid egg whites provide muscle building protein for 5-6 hours making them an excellent meal replacement choice. All Eggwhites 24/7 products are processed and pasteurized at our state of the art facility in southern California. Microbialy tested and USDA certified our egg whites are ready to drink straight from the bottle. Frozen and air shipped by air our product are guaranteed for 90 days with refrigeration upon thawing. Each of our half gallon Egg White Jars are equivalent to roughly 64 egg whites if taken from large eggs. That is a whole lot of protein, convenience and savings to pack in a reasonably sized four pound Jar!


  • 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites
  • Pasteurized and USDA Approved
  • High Protein • Fat Free • Cholesterol Free
  • Processed and packaged by Egg Whites 24/7
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