Evogen Cell K.E.M. Fruit Punch 40 Servings

Evogen Cell K.E.M. Fruit Punch 40 Servings

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Every facet of my nutritional protocol, the FST-7 training program and now, with Evogen Nutrition, every component of an athlete's regimen is specifically manipulated to maximize the flow of nutrient-rich, growth- and performance-fueling blood into the muscles. This being said, both EVP and now Cell K.E.M. have been formulated with several key ingredients to maximize cellular volumization, support vasodilation, and to optimize cell-enriching blood and nutrient delivery. You may have noticed that both Cell K.E.M. and EVP contain several similar ingredients. This is because both products are formulated to maximize bloodflow to feed anabolism. EVP also contains performance boosting nootropics to help sharpen mental focus for the most-intense training sessions you've ever experienced. Whereas EVP contains nootropics that are useful for the pre- and intra-workout performance boosting, Cell K.E.M. utilizes multiple NO-stimulating agents in its Osmotic Expansion Matrix. Along with anti-oxidants, free-radical


  • Evogen Nutrition's Elite Mass & Recovery Catalyst
  • Impact muscle growth
  • Recovery following high-intensity training.
  • Support anabolism
  • Maximum hardness