RuckPack Energizer Sports Nootropic (Grenade 15pk) Non-Caffeinated 3oz

RuckPack Energizer Sports Nootropic (Grenade 15pk) Non-Caffeinated 3oz

RuckPack Energizer Sports Nootropic (Grenade 15pk) Non-Caffeinated 3oz Rating:
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Product Description

Developed by United States Special Operations Forces for nutrition, energy, and focus. RuckPack's® ENERGIZER SPORTS NOOTROPIC shot is a caffeine free energy shot fortified with key nutrients. This shot uses RuckPack's® SmartMuscle amino acid and nutrient blend, and is complete with AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC, Theanine, and Microactive® CoQ10. RuckPack® products feature SmartMuscleTM Science. These ingredients consist of SustamineTM, Citruline, branch chain amino acids Tyrosine, and Theanine, and only the highest quality choline, Alpha GPC. Choose RuckPack's® line of Energy and Sports Nootropics, and find out for yourself the benefits of focus in the face of fatigue. The Muscle Maintenance Blend is a blend of natural nutritional supplements geared toward energy, endurance and recovery. These ingredients help fuel muscles rapidly and efficiently by boosting muscle oxygenation and nutrient delivery. This blend also provides quality sources of fuel, aside from common simple sugars and complex carbs. RuckPack's Muscle Maintenance Blend also provides and promotes powerful antioxidant production for quality muscle maintenance. Prepare for your next mission by taking the world's best performance fuels, and work on your recovery while you train!


  • Naturally boost energy, endurance and focus with the only nutritional supplement born on the battlefield. Raspberry flavored.
  • The most advanced nootropic and vitamin shot ideal for either a pre-workout energy & focus primer, or as a casual energy boost for college students, hard working professionals, and moms alike.
  • Unlike the competition, this shot uses RuckPack's SmartMuscle branch chain amino acid and nutrient blend, complete with Alpha GPC, Theanine, and CoQ10.
  • Natural Sweeteners, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, and No Sucralose. Fuel to Fight. Nutrition to Win.
  • Only 40 Calories. Patented Science. Made in the USA.