Fighter Recovery with Turmeric, Protease, & Cinnamon

Fighter Recovery with Turmeric, Protease, & Cinnamon

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Here's the scenario: You're finishing up a fight camp. Your body has undergone some serious punishment over the last several weeks. You've been training harder and working longer due to your FightPrep supplementation. Your body needs to start healing. You're cutting weight anyway, so it's easy to take Fighter Recovery on an empty stomach 4 times a day. Your fight is a week out, one bottle of Fighter Recovery should last you 1 week if taken as recommended. Start taking it! Your body will be in much better shape come fight night. You WIN your fight! Congratulations, here's another bottle of Fighter Recovery! Start taking it tonight, before bed and finish the course over the next week. Begin healing NOW. Those bumps and bruises will heal up in no time. Perhaps you got cut. No problem, your body is in Recovery Mode and will heal up nicely. Enzyme's aren't just for your digestive system. Proteolytic enzymes are also of interest because of their ability to support, enhance, and regulate the circulatory and immune systems - factors that help optimize workouts and muscle maintenance. Numerous studies have also shown, when taken away from food, proteolytic enzymes can and will reduce physical trauma by reducing pain and swelling and helping the body recover from injury and serious trauma by reducing healing time by up to 50%. If a course of proteolytic enzymes is started prior to serious trauma, ie: before a fight or match/tournament, the healing factors are greatly improved when the course is continued afterward. What does this mean? It means that the time off in between fights can be greatly diminished with the proper use of our Fighter Recovery supplement.†


  • Reduce healing time for soft-tissure injuries by up to 50%†
  • Return to training sooner after injury†
  • Reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation FAST†
  • Reduces pain from injury faster and more effectively than NSAIDS†