Alkaline Food Chart 8 inch x 8 inch

Alkaline Food Chart 8 inch x 8 inch

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SPECIAL OFFER: Each paid chart is supplied with 3 x inches of pH saliva test trips (FREE) and YOU GET 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. The Acid-2-Alkaline Food Chart will give you the knowledge to get started on alkalizing your diet and body. This Food Chart not only shows you a list of alkaline diet foods but also contains a list of acid forming foods. Foods are listed from most acidic to most alkaline forming on the body. In addition to the alkaline food list the following is included; 1) an alkaline food pyramid, 2) an alkaline food combining guide, 3) an example of a typical alkaline food shopping list, 4) an example of a typical alkaline daily menu. On the outside cover, the Acid-2-Alkaline Food Chart has an explanation of how an Alkaline Body Program works. In addition there are details about our USDA Certified Organic Acid-2-Alkaline Supplements which should be an integral part of any alkaline diet program. In today's modern world it is almost impossible to get great results using an alkaline diet alone. Most of us at the Acid-2-Alkaline company are vegans and eat an 80% raw food diet (very alkaline) and even we struggle to stay alkaline without the help of the USDA Certified Organic Acid-2-Alkaline Supplements. What appears to be advertising to some is in fact free advice on how we can help you with your alkaline diet program. Many people inquire about alkaline water however your diet is more important than simply taking water. Please note if you do not understand the chart, please feel free to call us for a brief explanation. We are amazed at how often customers complain about the size or the design of the chart but do not understand its content or its knowledge. So please call if you do not understand. The image online is meant to be small enough to prevent from copyrighting, however the actual food chart is legible enough for anyone to read without requiring their reading glasses.


  • List of Alkaline Foods and Acidic Foods with a Food Combining Chart.
  • Includes a typical Alkaline Diet Shopping List and Daily Menu
  • FREE: Each chart is supplied with 3 inches of pH test strips
  • YOU GET 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE Color coded, handy and portable, 8 inch x 8 inch when flat
  • Take the Acid-2-Alkaline Supplement for fast results