Pilot Chews 5 Servings Tube

Pilot Chews 5 Servings Tube

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Product Description

Pilot Chews is a candy tasting chewable supplement that has been designed to combat fatigue. In just 20 minutes Pilot Chews wakes you up increasing your alertness and focus. Pilot Chews also improves your reflexes, memory and night vision and its effects last for as long as 7 hours! Unlike popular energy shots and energy drinks Pilot Chews is actually good for you. Pilot Chews contains only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins and natural supplements in its proprietary formula.


  • Wakes you up in 20 minutes and keeps you sharp and alert for 5-7 hours
  • Helps reflex response time
  • Helps cognition and memory
  • Helps vision
  • Used by Pilots